Fans Reaction: Spies Of Warsaw Episode 2

On Wednesday (16th January) the final 90 minute episode of Spies Of Warsaw aired in the UK on BBC Four.

About the episode:
Warsaw 1938. French military attache Colonel Jean-Francois Mercier is also a spy on a mission, one which takes him undercover to Czechoslovakia on the trail of the elusive Chaika, a man who can lead him into the heart of the Nazi war machine.
Back in Warsaw, his erstwhile mistress Anna Skarbek is devastated by news of her ex-lover and political refugee and journalist Max Mostov. Heartbroken, she flees to Spain on a League of Nations mission of mercy.
As the Nazi storm clouds gather over Europe, dashing Polish Colonel Anton Pakulski undertakes his own mission, a mission that goes to the heart of protecting the very future of Poland itself.

We asked fans on our Twitter and Facebook pages what the thought of the drama, thanks to all of you who replied!

Here's a selection of the fans responses from Facebook:
Steven Evans-Renteria A wonderful finale to a wonderful series.
Amanda Andrews Thought it was a great two part drama, wonderfully written and acted... Can't wait to own it on DVD :)))
Johan Chalmers I was really good. loved the dramatisation. hopefully it will be out on DVD soon. well done to those involved.
Alex Sobaszek I think part two was even better than the first one. I really enjoyed it, I wish I could watch David as a soldier more often
Charlie Wilson-Boast I absolutely loved it amazing scenery cast and david was always
Julie Ann Joyce fantastic gritty and perfect in every way
Laura Vittoria Finocchietti He was simply stunning... His gorgeous eyes speak volumes...
Alison Barnes I wasnt bothered about seeing it but am glad i did cos it was excellent & David took a really good part.
Jillian Beard Engrossing. Loved David in Ep.2!
Jenny Ayres I have to say i loved the conculding part. Thank you to all cast and crew it was fabulous. Xxxx
Aileen Stewart I felt as if the author had forgotten to write an ending to the story, which was rather disappointing. Otherwise, really good piece of drama.
Cynthia Vela I think the story and the acting were magnificent. The story was very real and was beautifully done. David as always, was a star, just marvelous! I'm so happy for him for doing doing this and I'm so proud to be his fan!!!!
Kim Wears i really enjoyed it, have to admit, more than i was expecting, brilliant story, but then again it was written by the legendary ian le francis etc xx
Jessy Fre A bit too much ambiance music, but a wonderful story, and brilliant acting all around. Fantastic! 
Arabela Medicis Top class photography.
Victoria Hannelly Absolutely loved it!!! It was an amazing story and just shows wat an amazing actor david tennant is!! X
Karen Thompson Fantastic, shame it was only a two parter, could have watched lots more!
Heavenly Bod I thought it was great - and David was fab in the role. He reminded me of Michael Kitchen - very naturalistic. I thought the music got in the way a bit in the first one (not so much the second) and I wasn't completely convinced by the love story but I was truly gripped right up to the end - I wasn't entirely sure there would be a happy ending... The period detail was amazing and Warsaw is v beautiful. 
Claudia Banwell It was a poignant reminder of the World History. Beautiful.
Kenneth Rixon David was fantastic.
Angie Bays Wasnt expecting to enjoy this, but thought it was brilliant!!
Cath Collison This is going to sound daft but i watched the last half first as i had missed its fist showing on TV.I was so gripped by it that i had to then watch the first half on catch-up.A very moving story had me on the edge of my seat all the way.And David looked fantastic in uniform,as ever yet another great part he has played.

Thanks to all of you who were kind enough to let us know what you thought of the final episode of Spies Of Warsaw, you can join in the debate and leave your thoughts on our Facebook and Twitter pages.


  1. David was absolutely brilliant. I am always amazed at how much he can disguise his true personality in the roles he takes over... you meet him and he is very charming and smiling, and his eyes make always feel you welcome.. and then.. he takes over such a role, where he seems so remote, and unreachable... he was stunning, even though I had a feeling he is not totally comfortable in dancing or horse-riding. However, I love all of his works and this is definitely one of my favorite ones.


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