Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Countdown - New Earth

To celebrate the fact that 2013 is the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, we'll be taking a look back at all of the episodes of the show which featured David Tennant as the Doctor. At the end of our look back we'll be asking you, the fans, to vote for what you think is the ultimate David Tennant episode of Doctor Who....
We continue with the next David Tennant episode ... New Earth
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2. New Earth
First Broadcast on 15th April 2006. Running Time: 45 Minutes. Viewing Figures: 8.62 million.
Written By Russell T Davies.
Directed By James Hawes.
Executive Producers Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner. Rating: 8/10

The Doctor & Rose board the Tardis for new adventures. When they visit mankind's new home, far into the future, they find gruesome secrets hidden inside a luxury hospital. Cassandra, an enemy though long since dead, is out for revenge.

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Production Notes:
Outdoor shots were filmed on the Gower Peninsula for this episode. The interior of the hospital was actually the foyer of the Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay, Newport's Tredgar House and a disused paper mill also in Cardiff.
Due to bad weather filming was delayed and it was months before certain scenes could be re-shot which then caused problems as David's and Billie's hair had grown longer in the time between.

The coat worn by David Tennant is made from the same material as a sofa.


  • Cassandra (as the Doctor): Well... this is... different... 
  • Rose: Cassandra? 
  • Cassandra (as the Doctor): Goodness me, I'm a man. Yum.... So many parts... And hardly used. Ahaaahh! Two hearts! Oh baby, I'm beating out a samba! 
  • Rose: Get out of him! 
  • Cassandra (as the Doctor): Ooh, he's slim... and a little bit foxy. You thought so too, I've been inside your head. You've been looking. You like it. 

  • The Doctor: Ward 26. And watch out for the disinfectant. 
  • Rose: Watch out for what? 
  • The Doctor: The disinfectant! 
  • Rose: The what? 
  • The Doctor: The disin... oh, you'll find out. 

  • The Doctor: Nice place. But no shop downstairs. I'd have a shop. Not a big one, just a shop so people can shop. 
  • Sister: This hospital is a place of healing. 
  • The Doctor: Well, a shop does some people a world of good. Not me, but other people. 

  • Several scenes set in the hospital were filmed in the foyer of Cardiff's Millennium Centre. As a neat tie-in, the Centre was subsequently used to host the press screening of the episode. The party scene at the end was filmed at a dim sum bar just around the corner! 
  •  Former Casualty actress Adjoa Andoh went from playing a Cat Nun in this episode to Martha's mum Francine Jones in Series Three. 
  •  New Earth is the first story to refer to a 'little shop', a running gag that would reoccur in both Smith & Jones and Silence In The Library. The Doctor likes a little shop... 
  •  If you look closely at the location at the start of the episode, you can still see traces of the words "Bad Wolf" on the tarmac, left over from filming The Parting Of The Ways. 
  •  The Tenth Doctor's catchphrase, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," is first used in this episode. 
  •  This is the first Doctor Who episode to have an accompanying TARDISODE - a mini prequel teaser clip available to download to mobile phones and online. 
  •  Rose refers to Cassandra as "Michael Jackson", something she also did in The End of the World.
  • Unrelated planets or systems called New Earth have featured in the television adventure Invasion of the Dinosaurs (1974), comic strips The Iron Legion and Dogs of Doom and the novels Time of Your Life and Synthespians™. 
  •  Feline races have featured in Doctor Who before. These include the Tharils in Warrior's Gate (1980) and the Cheetah People in Survival (1989). 
  •  Zoe Wanamaker makes her first on-screen appearance in Doctor Who here, having only featured as Cassandra's voice in The End Of The World.

  • David Tennant - Tenth Doctor 
  • Billie Piper - Rose Tyler 
  • Camille Coduri – Jackie Tyler 
  • Noel Clarke – Mickey Smith 
  • Zoe Wanamaker – Cassandra
  • Sean Gallagher – Chip
  • Doña Croll – Matron Casp
  • Michael Fitzgerald – Duke of Manhattan
  • Lucy Robinson – Frau Clovis
  • Adjoa Andoh – Sister Jatt
  • Anna Hope – Novice Hame
  • Simon Ludders – Patient
  • Struan Rodger – Face of Boe

What did you think of New Earth? 
Leave us your comments below!


  1. David je t aime, t l meilleur docteur, j t adore

  2. This is my favourite episode of Doctor Who, closely followed by Tooth & Claw. It confirms the attraction between Rose & The Doctor, and it's just so damn cute!

  3. "New Earth" was a perfect episode to showcase how different David Tennant was from Christopher Eccleston, and to show that Tennant's acting style & choices made him an excellent Doctor.

  4. New Earth is a nice episode, especially for the relationship between The Doctor and Rose. A little like best friends, a little flirty. Also the villians and the appearance of the face of Boe were absolute highlights. David Tennant shows many facets of his play and gave us a taste of how great he fits into the role as the Doctor! We've seen how much fun he was and how passionated he was about this role! Thanks for this episode.

  5. Love the beautiful scene at the end when the doctor see that the treatment works... "I’m the Doctor and I cured them"... Tennant is so perfect in those lines...

  6. I wish he were still the Doctor

  7. I love the part when Cassandra goes into the doctor. I laughed for at least 10 minutes!

  8. This épisode get the tone for what David's era will be, a lot of laughts (the body switch between cassandra, the doctor and rose)and some sadness and bitterness at the end.
    The relationship between the doctor and rose continue to grow.

  9. This is one of my all time favourite Tennant episodes. Thanks to Cassandra the attraction between Rose and the Doctor is confirmed, There was humour there was sadness because of the diseased. There were those heartfelt moments, Cassandra showed us that she's not as evil as she was made out to be while she holds dear Chip in her arms while he's dying. Thanks to Chip, Cassandra finally felt truly beautiful and mos of all...My favourite about the whole episode is when The Doctor says "You can't deny them because you helped create them." Even though that quote is specifically for this episode it can be used in many instances and I'm possibly getting that quote tattooed on me at some point in time.

  10. Made me rather retrospectively sad later on in Fear Her, where the Doctor said he's not really a cat person. Understandable, but I love cats! I wonder if viewers complained, because later in the Motorway episode, he picks up a kitten, which, inexplicably, looks exactly like a kitten even though it has a cat father and a human mother, and holds the kitten for a bit. Although to be honest he still looked uncomfortable. Oh well. Nobody's perfect. Really, that's the line you'd get tattooed? I might go with (these are paraphrases) "I've created a supernova just to say goodbye to you," or the Ood in Tennant's dying episode saying something like "We will sing for you. Your song might be ending, but the song continues."


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