David Tennant On The Jonathan Ross Show

Jonathan Ross introduced the guests in the Green Room, describing David as the greatest ever Doctor. He also referred to his appearance on a postage stamp, but one you would want to link on back and then the front. David was in his midnight blue jacket with purple t-shirt and matching purple buttonhole.

David and his fellow guests Sarah Millican and Phil Taylor revealed what Christmas gifts they had received (Jeremy Piven explained that being Jewish he doesn’t celebrate Christmas). David produced two surprising and adult themed gifts from his wife – particularly popular was the breast-shaped stress ball, which was eagerly passed around the room.

David was the first guest out and immediately Jonathan turned to the subject of Doctor Who. Was David still keeping up? David confirmed that he hadn’t managed to catch up with the Christmas special yet, but otherwise he watched as religiously as ever.

The inevitable question about the 50th Anniversary special rose. David was quick to deny that he had ever been contacted about the programme. “I know nothing”, he stated. In fact, he said, the BBC were so nervous about any details about the plans for their celebration being leaked that they had sent someone along to the makeup room to remind him that the subject was not to be spoken about on television. Jonathan tried a different line of questioning – perhaps someone connected to him with control of his diary had taken the call about his availability. Technically David would then not be lying. Would David be making any trips to Wales in the near future? He put a lot of emphasis on the fact that David didn’t actually deny anything!

Jonathan spoke about how David is still almost mobbed by fans wherever he goes, even though he left Doctor Who some time ago and Matt Smith has played the part for some time.
“People tend to be very enthusiastic”, agreed David. Jonathan praised his patience under the circumstances. David said that he had recently been shooting the new ITV drama Broadchurch with Olivia Colman and she was not used to the attention that he customarily got. When they were shooting down in Bridport in Dorset, he was approached so many times that she even started to get annoyed on his behalf, even though he assured her that it was OK. But early one morning, they were filming on a remote and deserted caravan park when they were approached by an old man who, on realising what was happening hurried towards them calling out that he was so happy because he had been watching for weeks. But when David approached him he was brushed aside with a fierce rebuff: “No! Not you! Olivia Colman”

David’s next project is Spies Of Warsaw for BBC Four. David explained a bit about his role as “a French, between-the-wars James Bond, if you will”. He said that he’s had to learn a few spying techniques, one of which was learning to fire a gun looking convincingly like he’d done it many times before. It was hard, he said, to not blink with the recoil and bits flying about everywhere. “I’m naturally a bit of a wuss”, he said, apologetically, “And having to combat that… I urge you to watch. I fire the gun -  I don’t blink!”

He wasn’t that keen on some of the period costumes either. The French military uniform, he admitted, was quite nice, but the dress uniform for formal occasions he had issues with. “That’s hard to pull off. That’s like one of the suits you used to wear”, he said to Jonathan, referring to the host’s once legendary bizarre dress sense.The dress uniform was “bright blue, with sort of … clown trousers, and a hat that you’re supposed to wear at all times”. He said that when he the whole thing  on the entire crew laughed at him, so he had to resort to carrying the hat instead.

A clip was shown with David, ironically, definitely not in dress uniform or indeed in any sort of costume, of one of Colonel Mercier’s romantic liaisons.

The interview concluded with the very happy announcement that David and wife Georgia Moffett are expecting another baby.

The other guests were subsequently interviewed. Sarah Millican shared photos of the very cute cat in her life Chief Brody, whom her Twitter followers have been following since kittenhood and took part in a bizarre ‘cake roulette’. Jeremy Piven spoke about his new ten part drama Mr. Selfridge, which begins on ITV1 on Sunday 6th January. Phil Taylor celebrated his 16th PDC World Championship win and told Jonathan about the process of drugs testing that he had to undergo after his darts wins.

Phil challenged Jonathan and his guests to a round of darts. The guests emerged all sporting named darts shirts, David’s with the name ‘The Double-9 Lord,’ and took to the oche. David scored a credible 19 – “You’re very competitive!” commented Jonathan – followed by a 10 for Jeremy, but Sarah trumped them both with a single bull for 25. Phil was handicapped by having to throw his darts from the other side of the studio, from behind the stage where the band were set up (Jake Bugg and his fellow musicians had retreated to the safety of the Green Room).His challenge was merely to hit the board. He didn’t succeed, but Jonathan promised that they would edit in a bullseye later.

The show concluded with a performance by Jake Bugg; David was seen on his feet clapping as the 18 year old Nottingham-based singer took to the stage.

Spies Of Warsaw begins on BBC Four on Wednesday 9th January at 9pm

Broadchurch will be shown on ITV1 this spring.

The Jonathan Ross Show is repeated on Thursday 10th on ITV1 at 10.35pm (check locally for regional variations)

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