David Tennant Drops Out Of Tree Fu Tom

David Tennant broke the news to fans of Tree Fu Tom yesterday that he would not be reprising the role of Twigs in the second series of the popular animated pre-school show.

Sophie Aldred confirmed back in November that production had already started on the new batch of episodes for broadcast later this year. However David told the audience at the Project Motor Mouth fan convention yesterday (Saturday 19th January) that he would not be among the returning cast members as they could not wait for dates when he would be available to record his part.

"I'm very sad," he said, "As it was something I was very proud to be part of"

He did, however, pay tribute to the vocal talents of his co-star Sophie Aldred who plays Tom in the show, calling her extraordinary and amazing in the way that she could transform herself into a ten year old boy. He also gave a nod to Sophie's real life son who appears as the live action version of Tom in the title sequences.

In November Sophie was equally as complimentary about David, telling fans that it was a pleasure to be able to work with him for such a length of time.

Tree Fu Tom follows the adventures of tiny hero Tom and his sidekick Twigs and their friends as they call upon Big World Magic to save the magical world of Treetopolis from imminent disaster. The young audience are encouraged to join in specially created exercises which support movement development, of particular benefit to those with a diagnosis of dyspraxia or similar conditions.David voices Twigs in the first series of 26 episodes. Read more about Tree Fu Tom here.

There is no word yet on who will be taking over the voice of Twigs

Thanks to Sarah Dixon for asking David the question!