David Tennant And Fellow Doctors Support Janet Fielding

Doctor Who fans were given an amazing opportunity to meet five former Doctors this weekend at the Project Motor Mouth convention held in Slough yesterday (19th January). The charity event was organised by Peter Davison and Tenth Planet Events in support of Janet Fielding's Ramsgate based charity Project MotorHouse. The event was attended by David Tennant, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann as well as Peter and Janet themselves. Colin Baker, delayed by work commitments, attended to sign autographs later in the afternoon. Janet, who is currently battling cancer has said of her charity, "Project MotorMouth has been the light at the end of the tunnel, something to look forward to while I was undergoing chemo and radiation."

The four Doctors who took part in the guest talk in the morning, with Janet due to join them later, were asked to share their thoughts on her and memories of working with her before she stepped through the TARDIS doors that formed the entrance to the stage. Peter Davison, who first worked with her in 1981 called her a dynamo, and recalled that after a couple of weeks in the role of Tegan she revealed that she had no idea how to do an Australian accent. He still works with her regularly on conventions and on Big Finish productions. "She's as irritating as ever" he teased.

Sylvester McCoy has known Janet for many years, pre-dating Doctor Who through their work with the late actor and comedian Ken Campbell. He remembered her at a fan convention some years ago, armed with a rolled-up newspaper to hit audience members with if she didn't approve of their questions.

Janet Fielding was Paul McGann's agent for a few years, although he wasn't aware that she was an actor at first. While they were shooting Doctor Who in Vancouver she was spotted by fans and he was able to see what it was going to be like for him in the future. While she was still absent from the stage he added that he loved her.

David Tennant encountered Janet first when he was just ten years old through watching her on TV as the companion to Peter Davison's Doctor and said that she was a major part of his growing up. Then, when he became an actor and moved to London she was one of the many agents who was not interested in taking him on. "The one bit of work she gets me," he joked of the convention, "And I don't get paid for it!" (Ironically, another former companion turned agent, Wendy Padbury, also turned him down, although it was pointed out to him that Wendy was Matt Smith's first agent.) Now Janet is someone whom he sees socially. He said that she is enormously big fun and that he was more than happy to be part of the line-up for the day. 

The sold out Project MotorMouth was attended by just 300 ticket holders along with VIP guests from the Ramsgate area who are assisting with the project. The final figure raised has not yet been released, but Janet Fielding tweeted earlier on that the auction alone raised £7,700. There was also a raffle; David Tennant drew the tickets towards the end of the afternoon.

A follow up event, Project Motor Mouth 2: The Companions, takes place on August 3rd 2013.


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