Boxing Day Screening For How To Train Your Dragon

How To Train Your Dragon will be shown on UK TV on Boxing Day on BBC One at 4.30pm

The 2010 animated movie from Dreamworks features the voices of  Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, Gerard Butler and Craig Ferguson with David Tennant briefly appearing as Spitelout.

How To Train Your Dragon

Scrawny teenager Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) lives on the Viking island of Berk, where dragons are despised and their slayers held in the highest regard. In a bid to shake his wimpy image, Hiccup is desperate to catch one of the mighty beasts, so, using a homemade device, manages to shoot down one of the mostfeared breed. When he attempts to capture it for proof, however, the kind-hearted youth has a pang of guilt and allows it to go free.
While his father Stoick (Gerard Butler) fights a war against the fire-breathers, Hiccup attempts to track down his catch to discover why the supposedly fearsome beast didn't attack him. Finding the dragon with a damaged tail, unable to fly, Hiccup befriends him, naming the tame and toothless creature, well, Toothless.
As Hiccup attempts to help Toothless soar through the skies once more, he gradually learns that the terrible tales he's been told about dragons may not be true after all.

David recently reprised his role of Spitelout for Dreamworks Dragons: Riders Of Berk, a TV spin-off from the movie. American viewers can catch up with his episode  Thawfest here.