BBC America Celebrate New Year With A Tenth Doctor Marathon

BBC America will be celebrating New Year with a Tenth Doctor TV marathon!
The action starts on Monday 31st December at 8am and the back to back David Tennant episodes of Doctor Who will runs through until 10am on Tuesday 1st January.
The full schedule is below and further details can be seen on the BBC America website here.

Monday 31st December
8:00am The Poison Sky
9:00am The Doctor's Daughter
10:00am The Unicorn And The Wasp
11:00am Silence In The Library
12:00pm Forest Of The Dead
1:00pm Midnight
2:00pm Turn Left
3:00pm The Stolen Earth
4:00pm Journey's End
5:00pm The Next Doctor
6:00pm Planet Of The Dead
7:00pm The Waters Of Mars
8:00pm The End Of Time
11:00pm The Next Doctor

Tuesday 1st January
12:00am Planet Of The Dead
1:00am The Waters Of Mars
2:00am The End Of Time
5:00am Journey'sEnd
8:00am Partners In Crime
9:00am The Fires Of Pompeii

Fans in the UK can also see a Tenth Doctor marathon on satellite channel Watch, details of which can be found here.