Audible Reissue The Merlin Conspiracy Audio Book

The audio recording of The Merlin Conspiracy  by Diana Wynne Jones has been reissued as an audio download from Audible.

The fantasy teen novel was originally recorded in 2003 with David Tennant and Emilia Fox alternately reading the accounts of lead characters Nick and Roddy.

The Merlin Conspiracy

The story is narrated by two very different teenagers, who each inhabit two extraordinarily different worlds. Arianrhod Hyde's world (or Roddy, as she prefers to be called) is very much the world of magic, pageantry and ritual. Not unlike Britain in King Arthur's Day, Roddy is daughter of two Court Wizards and therefore part of the King's Progress, travelling round the Islands of Blest and ready to take part in whatever ritual or ceremony is required, as it occurs. Presiding over all, the most important person is the Merlin, who is entrusted with the magical health of the Isles of Blest.

Nick Mallory's world is much more familiar - at least it starts off being our own. But it soon transpires that Nick's not quite the ordinary 15-year-old he seems, as he slips sideways into something he thinks is a dream - but in fact is another world entirely. Now, Nick's been on other worlds before (although never alone) but he's a confident type. Maybe a bit too confident....

In Roddy's world, the current Merlin expires and a new one takes his place. Yet something is wrong - the rituals have been upset and nothing is going the way it should. Roddy needs help, and certain powers indicate that Nick is to be the one to help her. And Nick is cool about helping her - in theory...but it's a bit worrying that she seems to mistake him for a magic-user. Their stories unfold, side-by-side, each part leading into the next, and the Merlin Conspiracy thickens as the tales swirl around each other - twining, meeting, and affecting each other, yet never completely combining until the very end chapters when all is finally revealed.

The novel is available to download from the following sites:


  1. It's not available for sale in the US, according to Audible's USA website.

  2. This is not available in the US. Audible USA has a statement on the page indicating "We're sorry. Due to publishing rights restrictions, we are not authorized to sell this item in the country where you live."


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