Listen To David Tennant's New Heinz Tomato Soup Advert

David Tennant is one of a number of celebrities lending their voices to a new set of  radio adverts for Heinz. The ads make up part of the company's new autumn / winter campaign for their classic soup range and also feature Tom Baker and Caroline Quentin, all reflecting upon the joys of Heinz soups.

In David's ad, titled "Winter" he talks about the colours of the season, and says:

"There's something truly wonderful about coming in from the cold to a steaming hot bowl of tomato soup"

Listen to David's advert here:

The ads have been featuring on commercial radio stations since October, so listen out for them!


  1. I have never like tomato soup, but David's voice could almost be enough to persuade me, almost!

  2. Scrummy....oh the soup too I'm sure.

  3. I love that he used his own Scottish accent; and didn't try Americanizing it.


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