David Tennant's Doctor Makes SciFi Heroes Poll

MSN.com reports that David Tennant's Doctor is the top rated incarnation of the character according to a new poll of scifi heroes held by the makers of the new game Stratego Sci Fi

The poll was topped by Superman, with Star Wars icons Han Solo and Yoda in second and third place. E.T. took fourth, with Ageny Jay from Men In Black scooping fifth. Star Trek's Captain Kirk, played by William Shatner, came in at seventh, according to the poll of 2000 people.

There were eight Doctor Who characters in the poll, with the Daleks at thirteenth and the TARDIS at no. 16. David's Doctor was in at number 20, ahead of the current Doctor Matt Smith who reached no. 31.

The highest rated woman was Sigourney Weaver as Ripley from the Aliens franchise who ranked just behind David at no. 21

Thanks to DT Forum and MSN.com