David Tennant Tells Digital Spy 'Nativity 2 was a white-knuckle ride'

David Tennant has been chatting to Digital Spy ahead of today's release of his new film Nativity 2 Danger In The Manger.
"I watched [the original] and thought, 'There is something really special about this', something really direct and big-hearted, It has a kind of wonderful naivety to it, which you don't see enough of, and I thought that was something worth being involved in."

He went on to discuss the experience of playing the two roles, which were developed – as was the entire film - on an improvised basis with no set script.
"How often do you get to do something quite so camp?" he joked. "But because it's improvised, there's no dialogue written down, and that can be difficult in a scene where the brothers meet.
"It was great in terms of preparation... you just turn up and hope for the best. But it was a white-knuckle ride very day, because you don't know where it's going to go."

Watch the interview below:

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