David Tennant talks to STV about potential Doctor Who return

Scottish actor David Tennant was interviewed by Grant Lauchlan for tonight’s episode of Moviejuice – and was notably effusive when talking about a return to his most famous role.

David was on the show to discuss his appearance in festive family movie Nativity 2, which is out in cinemas today – but it was only a matter of time before the subject of the Doctor came up.

Literally trying to lure him into some sweet talk, Grant asked him as directly as possible: “Will you be in an episode of Doctor Who next year?”

Unwrapping some Scottish tablet that Grant had taken along to the interview, David replied: “Why would you think, even if I had an answer to that question – which I don’t – why do you think I would answer it?

“You can give me all the tablet you like! Ask Steven Moffat [the Scottish show-runner for Doctor Who] – give Steven Moffat a ring and ask him. It’s got nothing to do with me.”

Was that a non-answer then, Grant queried.

David continued to be evasive, and said (while munching away): “I’ve nothing to tell you. But, if I did I wouldn’t tell you it, so, you know, deal with that.”

Grant reminded David that he’s a Doctor Who fanboy at heart – and, therefore, might well be minded to return to the show.

“You can flog this dead horse all you like,” he responded while eating his gift. “I’m eating tablet.”

So, never say never then…

To find out what else David had to say about the possible role, his appearance in Nativity 2, and for loads more from the world of film, tune into Moviejuice on STV, tonight at 8pm!