David Tennant Talks Nativity 2 To The Coventry Telegraph

DOCTOR Who star David Tennant ditched the Tardis to find out what it takes to be a teacher in Coventry for new movie Nativity 2: Danger In The Manger!
He and city film maker Debbie Isitt visited Coventry’s Blue Coat Church of England School to audition their award-winning choir and he also headed to the classrooms of Holy Family Catholic Primary School in Holbrooks to film his scenes as new supply teacher Mr Peterson.
The school doubled for St Bernadette’s in the first movie and features again in the new film out on Friday.
The over-anxious Mr Peterson has the unenviable task of trying to curb the hysterical enthusiasm of the kids – not to mention Mr Poppy (Marc Wootton) – but reluctantly finds himself getting swept along. Gavin And Stacey’s Joanna Page also appears as Mr Peterson’s pregnant wife and he has an evil twin brother lurking.St Bernadette’s hit the road in an amphibious tour bus crammed to the heavens with angels, shepherds and an unaccompanied baby to take part in a Christmas carol contest.
David Tennant said working from an improvised script was one of the prime attractions of working on the movie. He said: “The reason I did the project was because it was something I had not done before.”
New teacher Mr Peterson does not wish to go along with Mr Poppy’s hare-brained scheme, but events transpire against him. David said: “He just needs a job and this class has been without a permanent teacher for quite a long time for reasons that become clear, most of which have to do with to Mr Poppy.”
The donkey also comes into play once more as as they all leave Coventry and embark on a road trip into Wales.
David said shooting on location in Coventry, Warwickshire and Wales was something of a challenge. He said: “We were filming in the heart of winter and we also had a donkey, who didn’t always do exactly as instructed."
David also got an unexpected dunking when he fell into cold rapids during filming.
He said: “I had a bit of difficulty with dinghies. I got in a bit over excited.
“Once the dinghy starts to be hit by the current it really throws you around and I thought I could accentuate this by throwing myself around the boat a little bit more... but I got tossed out of the boat and into the water.
“Hopefully that will be exciting in the finished film.”

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