David Tennant In Big Issue Magazine Today

David Tennant is interviewed in the new Big Issue magazine which goes on sale from today. The magazine, intended to provide a regular and legitimate income for homeless people, is available from licensed street vendors in the UK.

In the magazine David talks about his new film Nativity 2: Danger In The Manger, about politics and about leaving Doctor Who.

“You might have real success doing something else, you’ll work on other things, but whatever happens, this is unique. There’s nothing else like Doctor Who. In the world,” he says.

The first bumper Christmas edition of the magazine is available from your local vendor at a price of £3.


  1. I wish I was in the UK and could get this magazine. I really miss him as the Dr. I have all the DVD's from when the show started in the US and watch them frequently. There are some I have to skip cause they still up set me too much.............however, I cry like a baby over Rose, both times. But atleast she got the "human". On a lighter side, I just watched the Decoy Bride and found that his quirkeness was very much a part of who he is, so that was ok too. But He is the Awesome DR for me. Rhonda Powell, NC USA.

    1. If you cried over Rose, watch David in Recovery and for more of his quikerness watch Learners and Duck Patrol.

  2. But what of those of us who live in the US. Any way we can read this article?

  3. I would like to read this as well, and I am also in the USA... Anything to do about this?

  4. And wath about who live in Mexico and we are David Tennant's fans?

  5. What a lovely sentiment to have a publication that provides legit work and accomplishment for the homeless. Well done.


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