Tuesday's Halloween Treat - The Tenth Doctor's Scariest Foes

Continuing with our scary stuff theme for Halloween we bring you a selection of photos of the most frightening foes faced by David's Doctor during his time in the Tardis.
Which do you find the most scary? Fans over on our Facebook page are scared stiff by the Weeping Angels! But who gets your vote?


  1. I still say, that the scariest is the one you never saw. The being from Midnight. Never before, and never since, have you ever seen the Doctor so shaken as you did when he was finally freed from the grasp of the entity.

  2. I don't think the classic doctor who foes - daleks, cybermen etc are that scary, for me the most scary things are the weeping angels, vashta nerada, and that water in waters of mars! The Master isn't scary, he's just really cool.

  3. I agree with Anonymous what's scariest is when things creep up on you or the unknown?! Without a doubt my top 4 episodes are Blink, Midnight, Silence in the Library & Forest of the Dead.


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