Terry Pratchett Says David Tennant Is The Best Doctor

Sir Terry Pratchett , author of the Discworld series of fantasy novels,  named David Tennant as the best Doctor ever.

Terry made the statement during a US promotional tour for his new novel Dodger . During his conversation with PA Rob Wilkins at Barnes & Noble, Union Square, New York, they said:

Rob: David Tennant could play anyone. He could play Moist von Lipwig.
Terry: I was there for the first episode of Doctor Who. The thing about Doctor Who, if you are a real Doctor Who fan, you might know that when the BBC put it out, not many people watched the first episode, but those that did were telling people about it. So, on the next Saturday, they repeated the first one so that people could see what it was all about. Just a piece of trivia, but there it is, because I was there, hiding behind the settee.
Rob: William Hartnell was no David Tennant, though, I’m sorry.
Terry: No, but David Tennant is a definite David Tennant. He is the best Doctor Who of ever because he is an actor. The best of them are…funny, the modern ones are just bloody clowns. A bit like you [Rob], but nevermind.
Rob: That’s okay. I’ll audition for the part.
Terry: Ha!

Watch a clip of Terry talking about David here:

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