Not The Next Doctor

David Morrisey has revealed to the press that he was asked to pretend he was set to replace David Tennant as the Doctor in Doctor Who.
The Sun reports:

David Morrisey was lined up to star in the BBC show’s 2008 Christmas special at the same time the programme’s then-star David Tennant announced he intended to quit.
Show boss Russell T Davies asked David if they could pretend he was set to replace Tennant as the Time Lord since the special was titled The Next Doctor.
David was even banned from telling his family the truth – leaving his children wondering whether they would be forced to relocate to Wales, where the show is filmed.
The role was eventually given to Matt Smith.
David said: “It was nine months of my life that was hell.
“Russell said to me, ‘You can’t tell anyone’. I said, ‘OK, but I can tell my kids?’ and he went, ‘No! They could tell someone in the playground’. So for nine months, my kids were like, ‘Are we moving to Cardiff?’”