Much Ado About Nothing Available To Watch Throughout America & Europe

We've been getting a lot of enquiries from fans of David Tennant and Catherine Tate from across the Globe wanting to know how they can watch their performances in Much Ado About Nothing.
Well the good news is, that just as fans here in the UK, can download the show via the amazing Digital Theatre website, so can fans from Europe and America!
Simply change the currency to your local one at the top of the page by clicking on the red arrow, as seen on our screen cap above.
Click here to watch Much Ado About Nothing today!
And why not let us know what you thought of the filmed version of the show buy writing us a review!


  1. "People who don't live in the countries covered by those currencies can still purchase, they'll just be billed in whichever currency they chose. They're likely to get the best deal if they buy in Pounds but that's up to them."

  2. It is the best "film" I have ever seen. It is so funny, and, of course, David+Catherine=fabulous duo :D


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