Fan Reaction: Comedy World Cup

Over the past seven weeks David Tennant has been hosting Comedy World Cup on Channel 4.
Now that the series is over we asked for your opinions on the show and David's role as host.

Here's a selection of what some of David's fans had to say on our Facebook and Twitter pages:
From Facebook:

Antonia Mac Absolutley loved it and David was super brilliant, and funny. The programme always made me laugh, and made my saturday nights, gonna miss watching the show! X

Marina Gillett David was a great presenter. Would watch it again and again xx

Kaz Karen Grantham excellent host yeah the family loved it even the 8yr old :D

Alasdair Bliss Absolutely incredible. That's All it is. A full ride if excitement with David Tennet from start to finish. Makes the X factor look like a documentary.

Caz Streeter I love watching David as an actor, he's incredibly talented, but don't think he makes a great presenter :/

David Paul Williams It's was good but the questions where to easy.

Dee Dillistone Great! Format was snappy, mixing up the teams with new and more established talent brought out some cracking comedy. And Mr Tennant was (gorgeous!) quick and witty and managed to keep them in line. Would love to see the outtakes/extra footage.

Tereza Teneva he's a great host and the show was a nice mix of educational and entertaining :) I enjoyed it a lot!

Karen Botten It was great, I didn't expect to care who won but wanted it to be Josh's team by the end. And David was an excellent host - more please.

Lisa Holliday Loved it. More hosting from David please.

Joseph Ofthe Uchiha good work as ever david keep it up

Caitlin Wright Brilliant! Loved it. Especially when he was assaulted by Nicholas Parsons. That was great.

Abbey Chapman Laugh out loud funny..... Josh was A M A Z I N G!! Laughed till i cried!

Jamie Robertson David is a great host, good comedy skills, disappointed Omid's team didn't get through to the final...

Sonja Birgmann I think the series was quite cool. As I am from Austria but interested in British comedy, it was nice to get to know so many new things about it on a very funny show.. David did a very good job in hosting this

Damian Hagarty David Tennant is a natural host! i hope there is another series as the series is brilliant and so is David!

Trish Dray Went to watch it being recorded really enjoyed it,hope they do another series

Jannette Atkinson absoloutly loved it contestants were really good and david seemed quiet at home so when are you doing another series cause i really think you should xxxxxx

Debra Richards Loved the series. Good guest's and some really funny moments. David Tennant was an inspirerd choice as host. Did a fab job. Am sure it will lead to bigger things. Someone should snap him up quick!!!!!!

Anna-Marie Hale Was fortunate enough to get to see it filmed and have to say it was much funnier than some of the edited shows however David as always was and is amazing, think he should have his own chat show and be the new parky and I'd more than willingly be a guinnea pig guest :))) xxx

Jayne Eason Realy enjoyed it i have watched it every week, good presenting funny and knew when to keep them in line. Loved the whole format of the show.

Diane Avery Loved it, David was awesome..another series pls ;)

Melina Namdar Absolutely amazing ... Is there nothing this guy can't do !

Cynthia Vela Is there anything he can't do? I THINK NOT!!! He's an amazing host. He knew how to control the flow of the show and i loved that he was given the chance to be funny too, because he IS funny. I'd love to see him hosting again!

From Twitter:

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  1. Saw the semi final between Jason Manford and Omid being recorded. Very funny, had the best afternoon in a long time. Brilliant hosting and good looking with it!!!


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