David Tennant's Charity Doodle For STEPS

David Tennant has donated an autographed doodle of K9 to be auctioned for charity. The picture is one of many sent in by a number of celebrities to raise funds for Weymouth-based charity STEPS Club For Young People.

STEPS Club for Young People say:
We are a full time Youth Centre in Weymouth, Dorset and provide a wide range of support services, activities, projects and accreditation for young people.
The aim of the Charity is to provide young people in the Weymouth area with a range of support services and with activities which are enjoyable, educational, developmental and preventative. Such activities are designed to meet their social, recreational and educational needs, so they may grow to full maturity as individuals and as members of society and that their conditions of life may be improved.
Fundraising for Activities for Young People
Our old Club building was on its last legs but we are currently building a brand new, fantastic building thanks to a grant from the government’s ‘myplace’ programme.  The new STEPS will open around the end of March 2013. Once open, we intend to provide activities, opportunities and support services for young people “11/7” (11 hours a day, 7 days a week).  To do this, we need to raise funds.  Our current fundraising venture is this “Celebrity Doodle Auction”.
Celebrity Doodle Auction
In February, our latest Youth Achievement Award group youngsters wrote to 1,000 celebrities asking for a signed doodle or drawing.  We suggested that they do a self-portrait or ‘doodle a poodle!’  So far, we’ve had 170 items back (mostly drawings but also signed photos, books etc).  We’ve had lots of self-portraits, poodles (and other dogs) and a variety of random drawings and doodles.  Most of the drawings are on a C5 piece of card (half A4 size).
Although we’ll be keeping some of the items for a live auction next year, we’ll be putting the majority of them on eBay from now up to Christmas – about 15 or so each week - the listings will end between 8pm and 9pm each Sunday
They will make fabulous Christmas pressies!!