David Tennant In 2013 Guinness Book Of Records As Most Prolific Doctor

David Tennant is included in the 2013 Guinness Book Of Records for being the "Most Profilic Doctor"
His entry reads:
"David Tennant has made over 340 appearances on Doctor Who in audiobooks, TV shows, DVDs and novels."

Thanks to @Robyn_Who and @ZoeBrown


  1. .....and he needs to return as The Doctor <3

  2. congratulations, you are the best doctor for me, kisses

  3. Tennant's always been my favorite Doctor, too-- I always loved the scenes between him & John Simm as the Master (almost Shakespearean!), and my favorite companion of his was Donna's granddad, good ol' Wilf (loved their poignant scenes together in the final episodes-- makes me Wilf had been able to travel with the Doctor even more!)! I just can't stand to watch Matt Smith as the Doctor, who as far as I'm concerned, doesn't have half the acting chops that Tennant does, or any charisma, for that matter He's just a freakish-looking, tweedy weirdo who was obviously brought in to appeal to the adolescent Harry Potter crowd!

    1. Matt Smith has a lot of the Classic Doctor about him - specifically Patrick Troughton. David Tennant was my favourite Doctor (alongside the one I grew up with - Peter Davison)but Matt Smith is now far superior in my opinion and needs somebody half decent to write for him.

  4. Awesome and THE best doctor! I love Smith but I miss Tenant!!

  5. I agree with both comments whole-heartedly!!!

  6. i've looked through the ENTIRE book SEVERAL TIMES OVER and he is NOWHERE to be seen.


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