David Tennant Filming For Broadchurch Today

David Tennant and the cast and crew of   Broadchurch have returned to West Bay to continue filming for the new ITV1 drama series.

In the show Broadchurch is a coastal town which finds itself under media attention after the body of a young boy is found on the beach.The filming this week, which is including night shoots, sees the plot progressing as residents of the fictional town are drawn in to the police enquiry.

“Broadchurch tells the story of a small community and the devastating emotional repercussions for everyone caught up in the mysterious death of a young boy,” said Laura Mackie of ITV’s drama commissioning team.
“It’s not a ‘whodunnit’ or a traditional police drama.
“Chris Chibnall’s superb scripts have attracted a stellar cast.”
Executive producer Jane Featherstone said: “We’re proud to have cast an outstanding array of Britain’s finest performers to appear in Broadchurch.
“The drama is a snapshot of modern Britain.”

Thanks to @MsSilt and Bridport News
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