David Morrissey Praises David Tennant In Digital Spy Interview

David Tennant's former Blackpool and Doctor Who co star David Morrissey has praised the way that David works on set in a new interview with Digital Spy.
Comparing David to his new Walking Dead co star Andrew Lincoln, Morrissey says:
"The thing about Andy is he is a wonderful actor and a professional. He leads the show from the front. It's like David Tennant again - Andy is the first man on set; he is totally committed, there is no day off for him, he is absolutely in this show 100%. That's the benchmark he sets and coming at it myself, you have to be involved in that. There is no shying away from his commitment. He is great to work with; he is such a wonderful actor. I think what he brings is so many complex levels... it's wonderful to work with. The whole cast are wonderful to work with."
He also likened the fans of the show to those of Doctor Who stating:
"It reminds me very much of Doctor Who, which I had the same experience on walking onto a set of a show that is well-loved and well-received, but is also brilliantly run. The same is true on The Walking Dead - that everybody from the leading actor Andy Lincoln right through to the crew want to be here and want to do the best they can - it's a really loved show. I love every minute of being here, it's great to work on this show."

You can read the rest of David Morrissey's interview with Digital Spy here.