Big Finish Exterminate! Weekend

Big Finish are running a special offer next weekend on some of the full cast Dalek audio recordings from their Doctor Who and spin off ranges.
The Exterminate! weekend takes place on the 27th and 28th October, and includes all six discs in the Dalek Empire III series starring David Tennant. The full list of promoted titles are:
Dalek Empire Seasons 1 – 4: CD and Download £4 each
  • Season 1 – all 4 for £15
  • Season 2 – All 4 for £15
  • Season 3 – All 6 for £20
  • Season 4 – All 4 for £15
The Stageplays – CD and Download £5 each or all 3 for £15
  • The Ultimate Adventure
  • Seven Keys To Doomsday
  • The Curse Of The Daleks
Bernice Summerfield – Death And The Daleks - £4
Doctor Who: CD and Download £5 each
  • Plague Of The Daleks
  • The Juggernauts
  • Enemy Of The Daleks
  • Terror Firma
  • Unbound: The Masters Of War
In Dalek Empire III (2004), the Galactic Union is threatened by the deadly NFS plague in the Border Worlds. But help is offered by a race called the Daleks who claim to have created a cure. However, Siy Tarkov (Steven Elder), rescued from stasis, claims that the Daleks are not all that they seem. Georgi Selestru (William Gaunt) of the Galactic Union dispatches his enigmatic agent Galanar (David Tennant) to investigate.
Check Big Finish for more information next week.
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  1. How do you get any of these do you have to be a member or can you buy some other way on another link or something, because I am a collector of Doctor Who and among my many items, I collect The Audiobooks (Big Finish & BBC) a have quite a large Big Finish collection, about 118 main titles, The Unbound set, I Davros set, a few bonus releases, The 3 Stageplays, the 1st season of the new Tom Baker stories & Series 2 & 3 of Dalek Empire ( I dont know if they had anything to do with Faction Paradox but have a few of them as well as some BBV stories & the BBC ones are a couple of modern type,(Slipback,Out of Darkness, Death Comes to time) then its all the old missing adventures what you couldnt get on video as they were destroyed totally, Dalek Master Plan, Marco Polo etc, but they stopped making The Savages just as I was about to order it, a couple of modern stories 10th Doctor & a Couple of Cassettes, but I'm still collecting the titles and would love to get my Dalek Empire set fully complete, & Plague of the Dalek's, so I hope to try and get some, so any info or links please let me know, so I can try and get this done ^ finally complete them as Im not listening to Dalek Empire until I start from the beginning, so let me know whats happening.


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