Tree Fu Tom Episode Guide For W/C 10th September

David's children's TV project, Tree Fu Tom, continues on CBeebies next week, every afternoon at 17.25pm, read more about the new episodes below:

Former Doctor Who stars David Tennant and Sophie Aldred voice the lead characters Tom (Aldred) and Twigs (Tennant) in the new multi-platform fantasy action adventure series, Tree Fu Tom.
Aimed at four to six year olds, Tree Fu Tom is set in an enchanted world where movement creates magic. Tom appears to be a normal eight-year-old boy but putting on his magic belt and performing a special sequence of magic action-movements (known as Tree Fu) transforms him into a tiny but mighty magical super-hero.
Using a Tree Fu spell, Tom is transported into a wondrous enchanted kingdom in a tree called Treetopolis, inhabited by sprites, bugs and naughty fungi – the ‘Mushas’. Here he meets his faithful sidekick Twigs, a silly and energetic Acorn Sprite.
Tom and Twigs are inseparable as they become embroiled in amazing, action-packed adventures, which always lead to trouble, impending disaster and catastrophe. When events run beyond their control it is only with help from the audience performing Tree Fu moves, that Tom can create spectacular Big World Magic and save the day!
All of the Tree Fu magic moves that children are encouraged to copy are developed from therapeutic techniques that are used to help children with movement disorders like Dyspraxia, but are designed to assist and enhance the development of all participating children at a crucial time in their growth.
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Details of all the episodes that will air this week on Cbeebies are as follows:

Monday 10th September 5.25pm - Treasure Hunt

Treelings and Mushas are thrown together to compete in Treetopolis' annual treasure hunt, with disastrous results. For Tom, tracking down and solving magical clues in a race around Treetopolis is the least of his worries as he is paired with Stink who still seems set on causing mischief!
Tom needs quick wits, all of his action skills, Big World Magic help from the audience and a lot of patience to win through!

Tuesday 11th September  5.25pm - Tom's Big Mess
It's the Annual Tidy Up in Treetopolis and Tom's careless cleaning efforts lead to disaster. With grey, polluted sap seeping everywhere - turning everyone it touches in to statues - and magic working backwards, Tom has to act quickly to save his friends and undo the damage he has unknowingly caused. The day can only be saved with help from the audience and some clever Big World Magic.

Wednesday 12th September 5.25pm - Sappy Day
Preparations for Sap Day in Treetopolis are thrown into turmoil as the Mushas decide to change the celebration to Stink Day, with stinky fungi that send the smeller to sleep. As his friends fall asleep one by one, it's up to Tom to solve the mystery of the magical sleep, put a stop to the Mushas' mischief and - with Big World Magic help from the audience - to save Sap Day!

Thursday 13th September 5.25pm - Grubble Trouble
Tom and Twigs' friendship isn't the only thing threatened when Twigs gets a new pet called Grubbles. Impatient to play, Twigs casts a Hungry Tum spell on Grubbles to speed up feeding time and the problems for Tom begin to grow, literally! With Grubbles out of control, Tom needs lots of Big World Magic help from the audience to save the day.

Friday 14th September 5.25pm - Rickety Rescue
When the impulsive behaviour of Tom and friends gets them into trouble it's up to Rickety, with his more thoughtful approach, to leap to the rescue! Rushing into a search for a lake of especially powerful sap, Tom needs Big World Magic help from the audience and a lesson or two from Rickety to save himself and his friends.