How To Steal A Dragon's Sword Update

We have received many emails asking about the release of the latest Hiccup audio book, read by David Tennant.
Well luckily our reporter Jill was able to ask David about this at a recent event, David confirmed that unfortunately there was no confirmed date for him to record the audiobook. He said that the books take about five hours to record but he gives himself a couple of weeks to prepare for them. 
He also thinks he might be running out of regional accents for the tribes and hopes that the book's author Cressida Cowell doesn't introduce any more! 
The publishers help him out by sending him audio clips of any characters that he has voiced before so he doesn't have to go searching for the previous books to remember what they sounded like. He also treated our Jill to a fabulous rendition of Big Boobied Bertha!
We'll update as soon as we hear anything more on release dates etc.