David Tennant's Theatre Wishlist

During his talk at the Lords Of Time convention, David Tennant may have depressed fans still hoping for a Much Ado About Nothing DVD by stating that he did not believe that one would now be released of the production he starred in last year with Catherine Tate; however, he gave a strong indication that he would love to return to the stage soon.

David still has a wish list of Shakespeare plays that he would like to perform in "...before decrepitude sets in" as he put it, describing himself as a junkie for the Bard's works! He named Measure For Measure, the role of Iago in Othello, Richard II and A Midsummer Nights Dream as the pieces that he has his sights particularly set upon.

It's not all Shakespeare for David, though. During the smaller Guest Encounter, attended by david-tennant.com, David was asked which plays by other writers he would like to be cast in. David expressed a strong admiration for the works of Arthur Miller and also Closer by Patrick Marber.

Although there is no announcement of any theatre work for David at the moment, it will certainly be exciting to see whether we do get to see him perform in any of these. One thing is sure, though - the event is bound to be a phenomenon to match that of last summer's Much Ado.