David Tennant Talks Bond

The James Bond adventure, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, read by David Tennant is released today. But what does David think of the story?
Yes, it’s the Bond yarn where the unthinkable happens: 007 gets wed! “You have this extraordinary thing where James Bond, the ultimate bachelor, gets married,” enthuses narrator David Tennant. “I was aware that this is the story where that happens, but it still comes as a surprise. I think it comes as a surprise to Bond himself in the book. It seems to come from left field, this extraordinary decision he makes in the airport to wed, which he seems to make sense of to himself retrospectively. I think that’s quite interesting.”
One other aspect that surprised Tennant was how faithful the film of OHMSS turned out to be, something which can’t be said of all Bond movies: “I daresay that’s a tribute to the narrative of this book in that it was hard to resist when they came to film it. It’s got a forward momentum and drive that carries you through.” 

David tells the classic tale over 8 CDs:
In his Alpine base, Blofeld is developing biological weapons that will devastate Britain. Unaware of the danger, James Bond is about to get married to Teresa di Vicenzo, the daughter of a Corsican Mafioso. But then he is sent to Switzerland. Bond's marriage and Blofeld's schemes disintegrate in a blizzard of gunfire and high explosive from which neither man emerges the victor.
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