Change Of Release Date For Spies Of Warsaw DVD

The DVD release of The Spies Of Warsaw is now scheduled for Monday 26th November, according to retailers Amazon.

The change raises further questions about when the series will have its debut broadcast on BBC Four. Originally it was thought that the BBC would screen the two-part drama in October, but this week the Polish media have suggested a date closer to Christmas, while star David Tennant understood that the series would be shown in January 2013. The Spies Of Warsaw will be shown on BBC Four first, before other co-producers - BBC America, Poland's TVP1 and ARTEFrance - will be able to screen it.

In The Spies Of Warsaw, David Tennant plays Jean-François Mercier, a French miltary attaché posted to Warsaw shortly before the outbreak of World War II. As he embarks on a mission to uncover the intentions of the Germans, gathering their forces on the Polish borders, his life becomes more complicated when he begins an affair with a beautiful League of Nations lawyer played by Janet Montgomery.

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