Twenty Twelve Box Set Out On Monday

Series one and two of brilliant BBC spoof documentary series Twenty Twelve will be released as a Region 2 DVD box set from Monday 6th August.

David Tennant narrates the award-winning comedy which follows the efforts of the Olympic Deliverance Committee as they battle to make sure that the 2012 London Games run smoothly.

Item description:

Twenty Twelve Series 1 & 2 Box Set Filmed in a documentary style, Twenty Twelve deals with such hot topics as how to phase the traffic lights across London to get people from west to east; who to sell the Taekwondo hall to after the event; what to do when protesters leave large quantities of horse dung on the doorstep in protest at the siting of the equestrian events, and how to cope with sportsmen who want to help but are just too dull.
From getting a busload of non-English speaking Brazilians from A to B, who to appoint to run the Cultural Olympiad and what to do when the much-vaunted wind turbines won’t turn because there’s no wind, it’s all in a day’s work for the men and women whose job it is to stage the greatest sporting event in the world. In Series 2 cameras continue to follow the men and women responsible for delivering the London Olympic Games as they paddle increasingly hard to keep the games on track and on budget.
The challenges they face in this series include finding a way of presenting the future of the Olympic Stadium post Games as something other than a complete shambles, how to get the Olympic Torch Relay Route to go through Shropshire, exactly how best to market “Jubilympics” as a joint branding venture between the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics, and the series kicks off with the team facing their biggest challenge yet when the Algerian team threaten to boycott the games after discovering that the Shared Belief Centre does not face Mecca

Twenty Twelve stars, among others, Hugh Bonneville, Olivia Colman, Jessica Hynes and Samuel Barnett, and has featured guest appearances from the real life chairman of the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games, Lord Sebastian Coe.

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