The Spies Of Warsaw Press Tour Panel Today With David Tennant

David Tennant is expected to be on the BBC America TCA Press Tour 2012 panel later today when The Spies Of Warsaw is presented to TV critics from America and Canada. The series is co-produced by the BBC, BBC America, TV Poland and ARTEFrance and was shot in Poland in late spring this year. The Television Critics Association  Press Tour Summer 2012 has been taking place at the Beverly Hills Hilton since late July and is an opportunity for TV networks to present their shows for the new season.

Two writers for media and technology site Collider - Christina Radish and Steven Weintraub - have already put out requests to their Twitter followers to send in questions for an interview with David, and the makers of US TV programme Attack Of The Show (which also airs in Canada and Australia) have indicated that David will feature on the show on Thursday.

The Spies Of Warsaw will be coming to TV screens this autumn.Find out more about the series here