New Tree Fu Tom Episode Details

New episodes of Tree Fu Tom begin on CBeebies from September 3rd. David Tennant and Sophie Aldred provide voices for the hit children's animation which has become the channel's most watched show of 2012.

 Episode details for the first week are:

Episode 14: One For All
Monday 3rd September
Tom (Sophie Aldred) leads his under-performing squizzle team on a quest to find the enchanted squizzle to help them play perfectly. They follow clues and overcome epic challenges on their journey to win help from the mysterious Squizzle Master. Tom and his friends must learn valuable lessons about teamwork to win through.

Episode 15: Treefle Tom
Tuesday 4th September
Tom and his friends' greed for the tasty treefle treats growing all over Treetopolis for just one day leads to trouble. What starts as sharing descends to frenzied competition - can Tom overcome his own greed and get his competing friends to cooperate before disaster strikes?

Episode 16: The Great Journey
Wednesday 5th September
Tom and Twigs (David Tennant) get a crash course in being ranchers as they have to lead an epic baby beetle drive on their own. With only their wits and a whistle to help them, Tom and Twigs must guide the unruly young beetles through the myriad challenges of the open branch road to reach the high pasture and the beetles parents. It will only be possible if they learn fast and if the audience helps Tom to create Big World Magic when they need it the most!

Episode 17: Not So Fast
Thursday 6th September
Ariela's impatience causes trouble for Tom and Treetopolis! When Zigzoo (Tim Whitnall) creates an invention to help Ariela (Samantha Dakin) grow her crops super fast, everyone gets more than they bargained for. Tom must battle against all manner of giant planty problems to help his friends. As ever he needs help from the audience to create Big World Magic to save the day.

Episode 18: Hovering Humblebugs
Friday 7th September
Tom's attempts to attain perfection cause problems for rare Treetopolis visitors: the humblebugs. Trying to impress Treetog (Sharon D Clarke)  spells disaster for Tom and his perfect plan becomes a race against time to literally pick up the pieces. The day can only be saved though with Big World Magic help from the audience.

New episodes start on CBeebies from Monday 3rd September and can be seen at 5.25pm every weekday