Christian Resource Showcase For New David Tennant Movie

Clips from David Tennant's new film Nativity 2: Danger In The Manger will be shown at the Christian Resource Exhibition in Manchester in October. Director Debbie Isitt will be present to introduce the film which the exhibition organisers describe as an ideal festive outing. Although not specifically marketed as a Christian film, like its predecessor Nativity!  the new movie follows the fortunes of St. Bernadette's Primary School as they prepare for a traditional Christmas show. The CRE organisers said:

"With its themes of forgiveness and good triumphing over evil, the movie provides an ideal opportunity for group outings to the cinema over the festive season."

David Tennant stars as over-anxious teacher Mr. Peterson in the film, who finds himself in competition with his twin brother (also David) and lost in the countryside with a classload of kids, a baby, a donkey and his classroom assistant Mr. Poppy (Marc Wootton) on the way to a Christmas competition. 

The Christian Resource Exhibitions are events that provide everything needed to resource, equip and empower the Church. They also include seminars, workshops and arts events.The Manchester event takes place on the 10th - 11th October at EventCity Manchester. Debbie Isitt will be present on the 10th. For more details visit the CRE website.