Shakespeare Uncovered To Air On 17th July

David Tennant's episode of Shakespeare Uncovered, which will focus on Hamlet, is to air on Tuesday 17th July at 11.20pm on BBC Two. It will be repeated on BBC HD on Wednesday 18th July at 11.50pm.

The Radio Times website states:
The former Doctor Who star, who played Hamlet in a 2008 Royal Shakespeare Company production, explores the different approaches actors have taken to the role of the troubled Danish prince. Alongside Simon Russell Beale and Ben Whishaw, he explores why the play is often regarded as Shakespeare's finest work, and examines how 16th-century audiences might have reacted to it. He also explains why he believes its popularity has endured to the present day, and how its themes continue to resonate in the modern world.

 Jude Law and David Warner will also discuss their own portrayals of Hamlet.
 Royal Shakespeare Company Chief Associate Director Gregory Doran and Professor Justin Champion of Royal Holloway College, University of London will also contribute their thoughts.

The  2 disc DVD set of the series is released on Monday 27th August 2012.
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