New Twenty Twelve Clips

After the brilliant return of Twenty Twelve to our screens this week, the BBC have uploaded two new clips from the next episode to the programme website. View the clips, both narrated by David Tennant, here (UK only).

Episode six of the series, called Inclusivity Day will be shown on Tuesday 17th July at 10pm on BBC Two.

From the BBC Media Centre:
Having been shot in the foot with a doctored starting pistol, head of deliverance Ian Fletcher discovers that he is also shortly to be without a PA as current PA Daniel Stroud has been offered another job.
Back over at the offices of the ODC they try to work out how to launch Inclusivity Day in London on the same day that Seb Coe is launching Diversity Day in Oldham, when even though both Boris Johnson and Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson have agreed to take part, no-one knows what Inclusivity Day is.
Meanwhile over at PR company Perfect Curve, Siobhan Sharpe and her team devise a viral campaign designed to change the face of women's football without mentioning women's football following catastrophic ticket sales. The clock ticks on.