David Tennant On The Janice Forsyth Show

David Tennant was a special guest on the penultimate Janice Forsyth show on BBC Radio Scotland this morning.

In a pre-recorded interview, David discussed how his life had changed since his last visit to the show - just before he was announced as the Tenth Doctor - and the odd times that preceded the big announcement when knew that his life was going to change forever.

The conversation also took in David's voice work - David had just finished recording the voiceover for the final three episodes of Twenty Twelve -, the process of making the improvised drama True Love, plans for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary and the intensity of enthusiastic fans. David talked about performing Hamlet, the preparation for which he likened to childbirth. "Not that I've personally experienced that" he hastened to add.

The Janice Forsyth Show has run on BBC Radio Scotland for eighteen years but is now being axed to make way for more sports and news coverage. Her final show can be heard next Saturday from 10.05am

Today's fifteen minute interview can be heard now via BBC iPlayer.  David's interview starts around 19 minutes in.