Watch Preview Clips Of True Love

David Tennant, Ashley Walters, Billie Piper, Jane Horrocks and David Morrissey star in an improvised series, exploring five powerful and overlapping love stories set in the same town.
The series will begin on Sunday 17th June at 10.25pm with David Tennant's episode 'Nick'.

Watch some clips from all of the episodes below:

Nick's Meeting
Serena’s sister Michelle tries to convince Nick to see Serena again. He’s the reason she’s come back, and she’s desperate to see him again before she returns to Canada.
Nick is firm though – he can’t see her; can’t even be having this conversation. Nevertheless, Michelle gives Nick Serena’s address, just in case.

Paul's Secret
Paul’s colleague is certain that something’s up – there must be a reason why he’s grinning. Good night in with the missus? Paul’s adamant that he won’t tell though.

Holly's Class
While Holly struggles to keep control of her English class, Karen finds herself transfixed, part embarrassed by her classmates, part unable to take her eyes off her teacher.

Sandra's Customer
Sandra is taken by surprise when a customer notices that she seems unhappy. She finds herself opening up to Ismail, and they make an unexpected connection.

Adrian's Dating
Adrian’s friend Phil is adamant that looking for love online isn’t going to work – it’s not the British way. But Adrian’s convinced that he really can find true love that way.