True Love Preview Clip

The BBC have posted a preview clip of David Tennant in the first episode of the new, improvised drama series True Love, which starts on BBC One next weekend.

In the clip, David's character Nick meets up with Michelle, played by Lacey Turner, the sister of his first love Serena (Vicky McClure) who has returned to see him.

View the clip here:

Viewers outside the UK can view the clip via Londonphile on Tumblr

True Love begins on BBC One on Sunday 17th June at 10.25pm (10.50pm for viewers in Northern Ireland). Other episodes in the series can be seen nightly for the next four nights.

About True Love

How do you know if you’re with the love of your life?
David Tennant, Ashley Walters, Billie Piper, Jane Horrocks, and David Morrissey star in BBC1’s first ever improvised series, exploring five powerful and overlapping love stories set in the same town.
When it comes to love, there is never an easy "right answer" – telling the truth is complicated, and the conflict of desire and responsibility can be explosive.
These stories are life-affirming, visceral, provocative and compelling. Did the characters do the right thing in the end? What would you have done? The themes are universal, yet they provoke wildly different responses.

Source: BBC - True Love