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Last night saw David Tennant's episode of True Love air on BBC One. David played, Nick, a married father of two, who cheats on his wife (Joanne Froggatt) after meeting up with an ex girlfriend (Vicky McClure). The drama used dialogue improvised by the actors and David says he found it pretty nerve wracking at first, but he did an amazing job! We particularly liked the scene about Serena's grandmother's smelly caravan. Kippers!
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Here's a selection of fan's thoughts :
  • Esther Kelly absolutely amazing. the fact that it was improvised too only adds to how
    brilliant David is. he made me feel sympathy for him, which in a normal
    situation,I would be against the cheating man! hes amazing and I just love
    him. id watch him do anything.
  • Mandy Perryman I think it was a very good story line but it could have gone into more depth if it had been longer. Half hour wasn't long enough, David Tennant played a very good part I actually felt sorry for him.
  • Jane Paterson I loved it, and cant wait for the next story. I am guessing that all the stories intermingle as the week goes on. I did feel that the half hour went very quickly, but lost none of the emotion of the characters...a good drama in a nutshell
  • Jill Selby I thought David was brilliant and so were the other actors. Thought it was too short though. Nowhwere near enough time to tell the story.
  • Susan Lennard Enjoyed it, but felt it should of gone on a bit longer. Certainly gets you thinking though what would happen if we were put in that same situation.....
  • Becky Vincent Had so much potential with great actors, but sadly within a 30 minute timeframe you didn't get the chance to really connect with the characters or understand why or anything..let's see what tonights is like x
  • Niki Dolan A true reflection of the average marriage and portrayed beautifully. Heartbreaking and touching. Thought the acting was spot on. Well done to all those involved! And yes, David, as usual, looked as handsome as ever!
  • Sue MacNeil Enjoyed it tremendously. Agree with everyone else, much too short. You could feel David (Nick's) turmoil. Part of me wanted to see him run off with Serena, but glad he went back to his family.
  • Marie BillaSista This first episode was very touching. Nothing is black or white, nobody is good or bad. Serena and Nick had issues about their relationship, and they both needed those few days to finally say goodbye. Joanne Froggatt, Vicky McClure and David Tennant were extraordinary with the improvisation...
  • Tracy Dineley Beautifully understated acting of the less is more variety. Loved the storyline and the fact that you could really see what the effects on the characters were. Very emotional piece that brought tears to my eyes! Looking forward to the rest of the series! Well done to all involved, quality drama and writing!
  • Naomi Little Considering this was an improvised performance, David created his character beautifuly and his emotions were swiftly delivered in a short amount of time. He is truly talented, and I can't wait to see him on TV again!
  • Cynthia Vela I have to say that for 30 minutes full of ad-lib it was absolutely brilliant, specially DT. I cant say much without spoiling it, but I love how he became the character, just as he always does. The way he acted, the way he spoke and the words used...all seemed very very real to me. I connected with his character and I understood him, all inj 30 minutes!. That's never an easy task for an actor to accomplish but David always does and this time was no exception. I think he was absolutely brilliant and I promise you I'm not biased :D I can see projects like this help his career....and I'm sure this one will!
  • @mybunnybear Tennant's never played a more unlikeable character. Nick's only "true love" was Nick himself. Such fake remorse @ the end!
  • @ilsiux_f DT was superb, his acting felt natural like truly watching snippets of someone's life, torturous and sad +looking gorgeous!
  • @littlelisa24 Loved Tennant's performance last night. So flawless and full of emotion. Amazing as always!!! :)
  • @MistressJoJo Brilliant stuff - thought the improv added that edge to the performances - very raw & powerful.
  • @Nelly_nugget it was so good to see DT in something new, he played his part really well. I'm hooked! Can't wait to see the next ep
  • @1stminorx it was an emotional episode where David's natural acting talent poured through and got everyone shedding a tear! (:
  • @MarkyHarky  I thought was great...and I'm still thinking about it this morning. Looking forward to tonights episode.
  • @tkmcquay His performance was compelling, layered & brilliant. I felt real sympathy 4 his character & his dilemma. Made me think.
  • @_Dyana David Tennant's acting was as usual flawless, subtle and filled with emotion. He proved that his improvisation skills are very visceral and gave his performance a raw edge. His character does a questionable thing but you can feel for him and understand the turmoil going on inside his mind and heart which makes you empathise with the reasoning behind his actions. This first episode of True Love was a very touching story with a very talented cast all around.
  • @ZoeBrown  'True Love' put me in mind of a modern-day 'Brief Encounter' - amazing performances from everyone, but David was the star!


  1. Ginger Crawford - I found his performance emotive, evocative and reflective, ripe with verisimilitude and hopelessly human. Brilliant acting as usual, brilliant acting with no script? Genius! David Tennant never disappoints me as a fan. No matter what he does he gives 100%, and in True Romance he has delivered in spades.

  2. Oh how much can be said with so few words and in so little time. The economy of the piece was its charm and power. The performances sublime. The cinematography delicious. Shame about the "ton of bricks" soundtrack.


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