Tree Fu Tom Toys Are On The Way

Great news for the younger fans of David Tennant and his children's TV show Tree Fu Tom!
It was today announced that there will be a collection of toys to tie in with the series.
Fremantle Media Enterprises have signed an agreement with Giochi Preziosi to produce the toys which will include action figures, playsets and other role playing items. The toys will be for sale across the UK and Europe.
In addition, Giochi Preziose has the rights to produce Tree Fu Tom merchandise for anywhere in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
Thanks to Daniel Bays


  1. When will these go on sale? My son can't get enough of tree fu tom. He's almost four and absolutely adores it

  2. How long to wait???! My one year old daughters OBSESSED!!!

  3. Yes, please could you give us an idea when the toys will be available!! My little boy is 4 at the end of august and wants some for his birthday.

  4. Any ideas on when the toys are out? Or dvds? xx

  5. please hurry with these toys my daughter is desperate for a tree fu tom bedroom! she is devestated if she misses the episode that is only on once a day on cbeebies! we need dvds stickers toys puzzles books the lot i have never seen her so infatuated with anything!! good work 'TOM' x


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