Preorder Twenty Twelve Series 2 On DVD

The second series of Twenty Twelve, narrated by David Tennant, will be released on Region 2 DVD (UK and Europe) on August 6th 2012.

The comedy show starts Hugh Bonneville as Ian Fletcher, the head of the team behind the 2012 Olympic Games in London. So far, four episodes of the series have been shown and the BBC have confirmed that they will be starting to shoot three more episodes later this month to be shown later this year.

Product Description

As the Games get ever nearer the Algerian Olympic team threaten to boycott the Games after discovering that the Shared Belief Centre does not face Mecca.

Ian and his team have just hours to find a solution that will keep everyone happy. Head of Infrastructure Graham ends up accompanying Ian to a crucial three-way teleconference with Sebastian Coe, the British Foreign Office and the Algerian representative, Dr Benhamadi.

No chance then, that events will end up veering badly off track.

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