Pre-order Prefaces To Shakespeare On DVD

Prefaces To Shakespeare is scheduled to be released on Region 2 DVD on Monday 27th August 2012. The series consists of six hour-long documentaries detailing the stories behind some of Shakespeare’s best loved plays. David Tennant presents one of the programmes; others are hosted by Sir Derek Jacobi, Joely Richardson, Ethan Hawke, Jeremy Irons and Vanessa Redgrave. The series is due to begin on the BBC in June although they have yet to announce a start date.

From the BBC press release:
Hosted by some of our great actors including David Tennant, Derek Jacobi and Ethan Hawke, the Prefaces To Shakespeare will reveal the characters within and uncover the stories behind some of Shakespeare’s greatest plays.
It will unearth both the onstage drama and the backstage gossip of the golden age of British Theatre.
In the process it will reveal the life and career of Shakespeare in a totally new way and find out what the plays and their characters can mean to people today, revealing how they still have the power to shock, to make us laugh – and even to break our hearts.
A 116 Films and Blakeway Production for the BBC in association with WNET/Thirteen.

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