Fans Create Petition For David Tennant To Light The Olympic Flame

A group of fans have gotten together to create a petition that they hope will see David Tennant light the Olympic Flame in character as the Tenth Doctor from the BBC Drama Doctor Who.
They say on their petition:
To the Olympics 2012 committee,
We wish for you to consider David Tennant as the official Lighter of the Olympic Flame. David portrays the Tenth Doctor on Doctor Who, a programme which has been part of our national consciousness for almost half a century and of which it can be said, captures the heart of being British more than an other piece of popular culture on television today.
David, as the Doctor, was seen lighting the Flame in an episode called Fear Her which featured the 2012 Olympics. We feel it would be entirely appropriate for him to be given this honour for real.

If you would like to sign the petition click here.
You can also join the official Facebook page for the petition here.

Update: Current Doctor Who star Matt Smith will be carrying the Olympic Torch through Cardiff on Saturday 25th May 2012.