Twelfth Night Reviews

There have been a number of complimentary reviews of BBC Radio 3's Twelfth Night, which starred David Tennant as Malvolio. Download an MP3 of the play here.

The Stage says:
"The play’s humour resides in the sub-plot which was here beefed up by David Tennant’s extraordinary performance as Malvolio, the punctilious servant who dreams of marriage to his employer, Olivia, which would make him a Count, hanging around in velvet lounge wear. This Malvolio was scarily sharp-tongued until, in a cruel joke, he received the letter purporting to be from Olivia, encouraging him to behave like a jackass, at which point his rasp turned into a squeak of astonishment and his simpering and smiling could be heard in his performance, all self-conscious sunshine and smirks."

The Guardian said:
"David Tennant's Malvolio was a particular delight in a version of the play that eschewed all gimmickry and instead simply showcased the brilliant language."

The Telegraph says:
"David Tennant, actor of the year in the new BBC Audio Drama Awards, played Malvolio, Rosie Cavaliero (actress of the year) played Maria. I wish I could say they were rubbish, it being more fun to damn than praise. I can’t. They were astonishingly good."

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BBC Radio 3's Shakespeare And Love season continues on Sunday 29th April  at 8.30pm with Romeo and Juliet which stars David Tennant as Prince Escalus.


  1. Looks like now that Romeo and Juliet is up, this one is no longer available. Got any other links to it? Would love to hear it.

  2. Does someone have the mp3 of this play? You could only access it for a week and I missed it!


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