David Tennant In Jonathan Ross Comic Book Role

David Tennant is making an appearance in a new comic book written by his friend, chat show host and comic, Jonathan Ross. His character is said to be a Simon Cowell style evil genius!
Jonathan told The Sun: “He (David Tennant) agreed to let us use his likeness in one of the characters and it looks great.
“His character is kind of the mastermind behind a brutal reality show where kids with super powers slug it out to join the only Government-sanctioned super team.”
Jonathan also added he hoped that David would appear on the big screen if the comic makes it to Hollywood.
He said: “The artist I am working with is Bryan Hitch. When he worked for Marvel it was his idea to ‘cast’ Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury. "Sam went on to play him in the movie so if this does well enough we hope David will do the same.”
America’s Got Powers is out tomorrow.


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