Tree Fu Tom Website Launched

The BBC have launched an official website for Tree Fu Tom ahead of tomorrow's first episode.

Visit the website here.

The media centre says:
Tree Fu Tom online provides a fun, interactive and immersive experience that supports and assists child development, encouraging children to train in Tree Fu movement and ‘hero’ skills.
Just like Tom, children travel to the amazing world of Treetopolis – the world they have seen on TV. They are encouraged to practice spells and train at challenging games, before they take centre stage in amazing interactive action-adventure narratives. The aim is to save the day and become a magical superhero!
Produced by BAFTA winning digital media production company Plug In Media, the Tree Fu Tom website offers stunning graphics, fun and inspiring challenges and cutting-edge technology.
Tree Fu Tom online takes the developmental benefits of the Tree Fu Tom TV series even further, using webcam software that tracks movements made in the air to allow children to feel they are really casting Tree Fu magic.
Performing the spells in this way supports a child's development of fine and gross motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination and allows them to learn and practice developmentally beneficial movements that can help with skills such as learning to write. When spells are completed, the user is treated to spectacular magical effects on screen
There are six action-packed games, all of which have been designed in consultation with Dr Madeleine Portwood, Specialist and Senior Educational Psychologist. The games offer hidden benefits to children, engaging them in fun experiences that have been designed to assist and enhance their cognitive and neurological development in areas such as shape perception and understanding of language. The games are multi-levelled, providing an opportunity for children of all abilities to play and challenge themselves from a point of total security, and they are rewarded for their achievements by receiving stars.
After honing their skills in the games and spells, children are able to put them into practice, as they become the hero in their very own Tree Fu Tom adventure. They can join Tom and friends in two interactive animated episodes. And, like the TV series, Tom asks for help to overcome the challenges presented in the narrative. The children help to save the day by performing Tree Fu Magic and playing more advanced levels of the games they have practiced in ‘Hero Training’. The games are available on the Tree Fu Tom website.
Supporting content will be provided on the BBC Grown-ups website. Across this year this will include articles by the consulting experts about the developmental benefits of Tree Fu Tom and Tree Fu Tom online, as well as exclusive behind the scenes films of the making of the series, and interviews with the cast and consultants.