The Pirates! Premiere Update

David Tennant and his co star Hugh Grant

As you know, last night was the premiere of David Tennant's new movie, The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists, at the Mayfair Hotel in London.
David attended the premiere alongside his co stars Hugh Grant and Brian Blessed. Also in attendance were the film's director Peter Lord and the writer of the original book and screenplay, Gideon Defoe.
Other guests at the star studded event included pop star Pixie Lott and comedian Bill Bailey.
Speaking at the premiere about his excitement at being part of the cast David said:
“It is a bit like being called up for some sort of national service. You think ‘well, I am serving my country, clearly that is an exaggeration, but you do feel like in terms of the acting establishment you’re being called out to bat and you don’t want to mess up.”
Tennant - who voices the young Charles Darwin - agreed to the film immediately.
"I got a phone call and they said Aardman Animations are making a film. By the time that sentence had finished I think I'd signed the contract," he said.
"If you get a call from Aardman Studios I think you know you're going to be in something quite classy and quite exciting, so of course you're going to say yes.
"They're an international treasure. And everything that they do is brilliant."
He added: "It's not something I ever imagined would come my way, but I was very happy that it did."

David took part in a number of press interviews on the red carpet. These included chatting to ITV1's This Morning who are expected to run the feature on today's show from 10.30am.
Charlie Girling of Heart / LBC also interviewed him and her interview will be broadcast today across many local Heart FM radio stations. There is likely to be coverage on many other news and showbiz sections too so keep your eyes and ears peeled ;)
David had a full day of press interviews yesterday so it's likely we will be seeing a lot more of him and his orange trousers in the lead up to the release of The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists! in the UK on 28th March.
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