Love Virtually: Reviewed By The Radio Times

The Radio Times preview David's latest Radio 4 drama, Love Virtually:

Review by:Stuart Manning

The potency of the written word is explored in this digital age epistolary piece in which a stray email sparks a romantic correspondence between two strangers.
David Tennant's Scottish vowels give spiky academic Leo an appropriately laconic air, matched by Amelia Fox’s jaded dreamer Emmi, a character who is, in turn, both breathlessly enthusiastic and painfully brittle. As their relationship unfolds, a deep connection develops between them, fueled by the tantalising possibilities presented in the gulf between correspondence and face-to- face communication. A real-life meeting seems inevitable, but can either surrender the mystery conjured up by a few well-chosen words?
It’s a familiar story, and the intriguing contradictions of its characters and a surprising gear change in the final act keep the listener guessing to the end.
About this programme
By Daniel Glattauer. When a woman mistakenly sends an email to an unknown man, an online romance ensues, allowing them to escape the boredom of their daily routines. Adapted by Eileen Horne. Starring David Tennant and Emilia Fox.

Leo David Tennant Emmi Emilia Fox

Adapted By Eileen Horne
Producer Clive Brill
Writer Daniel Glattauer