The Decoy Bride Released On DVD Today!

HOORAH!, YAY!, WOOP DE WOOP!, HUZZAH!, WOOOOO!!!!! and other excitable greetings!
The Decoy Bride is released on DVD across the UK today - we're a bit excited and so should you be because it's a brilliant little rom com and one that is sure to be a favourite with David's fans, in fact it already is with those who've managed to catch it on Sky Movies or at one of the selected cinemas that are currently showing it.

Here are just a few comments from fans on our Facebook page:
  • Nickyola Jayne Annereau Amazing film, Kelly Macdonald is so funny, and of course David Tennant is fab. There are too many brill cast members to mention here :)
  • Bethaniee Boucheяx Already watched it, its absolutely amazing :p.
  • Samantha Simms Watched it twice on virgin media film flex :-) damn good romcom ;)
  • Sonja Russell It's such light, frothy fun! Loved it!
  • Sophie St-Claire It's a realy good movie, i saw it last night, i love David Tennant, he's amazing.
  • Oana Marrakesh I've seen it last night. Absolutely loooooooved it :) So nice and cute and simple ♥ ♥ ♥ And these two are both so cute
So you see you really must get yourself a copy (if you haven't already!)
And if you're still not convinced watch the clip below to see David and Kelly in action!