David Talks To Digital Spy About Doctor Who Film And New Companion

David spoke to Digital Spy on Wednesday as part of his press interviews to promote his new film, The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists!, whilst there he gave his views on  the possibility of a big screen version of Doctor Who telling them:
"I think it depends on how it's done, it will always depend on how good something is. It's all down to the quality of it. Something of good quality will always triumph. I don't know enough about it to form an opinion but David Yates is a very talented man."

David also spoke about the announcement that Jenna-Louise Coleman is to be the new companion to the current Doctor, Matt Smith saying:
 "She'll have a brilliant time. I'm very jealous of someone starting out on that extraordinary journey."
He added: "You're suddenly rocketed into a world of attention, you just need to watch your back a little bit, but it's wonderful and it's such an exciting thing to be starting out on."

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